Pool Managers

updated 09/05/2022 4:54pm

Pool Managers

The pool is managed by a team of two paid teenage staff and two parents (one for each teen), who also serve as RFH Board members. Each teen, and his/her parent, serve in the position for two years. The terms are staggered, so that each year, there is one experienced teen/parent and one just starting. 

The current pool management team is:

Sam Ianetta, Pool Manager
303-931-1618, samiannetta@gmail.com

Bianca Iannetta, Pool Teen

Anna Villachica and Andy Taylor, Pool Managers
Calder Taylor Villachica, Pool Teen      

Contact Information

General Questions:  info@redfoxhills.org

Board Questions:   board@redfoxhills.org

Web Administration Questions:   admin@redfoxhills.org

Architecture Questions/Submissions:  architecture@redfoxhills.org


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