Pool Managers

updated 05/27/2021 10:14pm

Pool Managers

The pool is managed by a team of two paid teenage staff and two parents (one for each teen), who also serve as Board members. Each teen, and his/her parent, serve in the position for two years. The terms are staggered, so that each year, there is one experienced teen/parent and one just starting. Click on the links to find job descriptions for the [parent pool manager/Board member] and the [teen pool staff].

The current pool management team is as follows. The new pool team is usually announced at the Annual Meeting of the HOA.

Year Adult Pool Managers

Sam Ianetta                                                303-931-1618, samiannetta@gmail.com

Bianca Iannetta Pool Teen



Anna Villachica 720-382-4227 

and Andy Taylor 

Calder Taylor Villachica Pool Teen      

Red Fox Hills Holiday Light Parade & Sing-A-Long Sunday, Dec. 12 @ 4:45pm

updated 11/24/2021 8:07am

The Halloween parade was such a success that RFH is hosting a holiday parade. 
Deck out your house, dress in your favorite holiday ugly sweater, and let’s stroll through the hood and ooh and aaah at everyone's creative holiday lights and decorations!!  

Red Fox Hills Holiday Light Parade & Sing-A-Long Sunday, Dec. 12 @ 4:45pm

Merrymakers gather at Tally Ho Court for Holiday Music/Sing Along, Hot Chocolate and Cookies. Our favorite Ministers of Fun, Jeff & Paige, will lead the parade through Red Fox Hills to view the holiday lighting and decorations and then return to Tally Ho Court for more holiday festivities.

If you are not strolling the hood then stand at the end of your driveway and cheer on the merrymakers!! 

Hosted by Tricia Dessel and Jeff and Paige!! 

Contact Information

General Questions:  info@redfoxhills.org

Board Questions:   board@redfoxhills.org

Web Administration Questions:   admin@redfoxhills.org

Architecture Questions/Submissions:  architecture@redfoxhills.org


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