Pool Rules

updated 06/22/2021 9:11pm

The Red Fox Hills Pool is Open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend from 6am to 10pmCOVID-19 Pool Rules

For the moment, we are not requiring signup for pool access.  We ask that everyone abides by the rules below.  If we do not get compliance, we will need to reinstate the signup requirements for the pool or close the pool until we can safely reopen.  Please be respectful of others and the facilities.

Our guidelines are based on CDC and Boulder Country guidelines/recommendations and thus subject to change based on changing COVID-19 conditions.

  • We are restricting access to the pool area to 20 people at a time.   If you arrive at the pool, and the limit is already reached, please wait until people leave.
  • Please social distance.
  • We ask that people limit their pool time to 2 hours if people are waiting.
  • Please do not leave pool toys in the pool area.  Any abandoned pool tools will be thrown out.
  • Please wear a mask in the restroom.
  • Please limit the bathroom to one person at a time, if possible.
  • Please disinfect the restroom when you are finished.   If the restrooms become a health hazard, we will be forced to close them.
  • Thank you for your understanding.  We are trying to find a safe balance where everyone can enjoy the pool, and remain in compliance with recommendations/guidelines.

General Pool Rules

  • POOL HOURS: The pool is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily beginning Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend (weather permitting).
  • ADMITTANCE: Pool hours are strictly enforced. The police will be called if anyone, including a resident, is trespassing after hours. If the “POOL CLOSED” sign is posted on the gate, there will be absolutely NO SWIMMING or admittance.
  • LIFEGUARD: There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk and closely supervise your children.
  • CHILDREN: Children 12 and under MUST be supervised by an adult or teenager over 14 years old at all times. Children 3 years or younger, or those not fully potty trained, must wear swim diapers in the pool at all times.
  • SMOKING: No smoking is allowed on pool grounds including the restrooms.
  • GLASS CONTAINERS: No glass containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area.
  • GATES: Keep the pool gates closed and locked at all times. If you are the last one to leave be sure to lock the gates and put the umbrella down.
  • CLEANUP: Any items remaining at the pool at the end of the day will be discarded.
  • HOSE: The pool hose is used for watering plants, filling the pools, cleaning, and other maintenance. Please do not let children use the hose as a toy.
  • DOGS: Dogs are NOT allowed at the pool. Do not attach leashes to the fence posts around the pool (it bends the rails and they are costly to replace).
  • KEY REPLACEMENT: Call the pool manager if you need a pool key. The cost is $5.00 for a replacement key.
  • BIOHAZARD: If your child has a bowel movement in the pool you MUST do the following: Instruct all swimmers to evacuate the pool immediately. Call the pool manager immediately. Using the pool skimmer located above the bench on the pool building, remove the poop as quickly as possible. Dispose of the poop in the garbage pail or flush it down the toilet. Rinse and clean the skimmer with soap and water. Notify all residents swimming at the pool that the pool is now closed. The pool service will treat the pool with chemicals before the pool can be re-opened. It is important to follow the above rules because it is a health issue that requires the pool to be treated with chemicals.


  • RFH residents are welcome to make use of the pool area for parties. 
  • Contact the pool managers to reserve your date and time!
  • It is not an exclusive reservation. Other residents and guests are welcome to use the pool during a reserved slot.
  • The reservation is simply to let residents know that a gathering will take place and to ensure that multiple pool functions aren't scheduled for the same day.


Red Fox Hills Holiday Light Parade & Sing-A-Long Sunday, Dec. 12 @ 4:45pm

updated 11/24/2021 8:07am

The Halloween parade was such a success that RFH is hosting a holiday parade. 
Deck out your house, dress in your favorite holiday ugly sweater, and let’s stroll through the hood and ooh and aaah at everyone's creative holiday lights and decorations!!  

Red Fox Hills Holiday Light Parade & Sing-A-Long Sunday, Dec. 12 @ 4:45pm

Merrymakers gather at Tally Ho Court for Holiday Music/Sing Along, Hot Chocolate and Cookies. Our favorite Ministers of Fun, Jeff & Paige, will lead the parade through Red Fox Hills to view the holiday lighting and decorations and then return to Tally Ho Court for more holiday festivities.

If you are not strolling the hood then stand at the end of your driveway and cheer on the merrymakers!! 

Hosted by Tricia Dessel and Jeff and Paige!! 

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